CaptureSaver 4.3

It lets you capture, organize and search the info you gather on the Internet
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CaptureSaver is a screen-capture tool for Windows computers. Your regular screen-capture application will allow you to do a couple of things: capture your entire screen or capture any combination of active or inactive windows. CaptureSaver does that but also adds support for smart screen-captures from third-party applications. The main example of that is its ability to save a website from Internet Explorer. Or to download any images or text from any website. The application integrates with IE to do that, and it also adds shell extensions so you can use it with other programs. CaptureSaver's graphical user interface is simple. There are two panes, the left one contains a tree list of all your captures, all included into a knowledge base (data base). If you save a website, clicking on its title on the list will display it on the right pane. There, you can browse through it as if it were an actual web browser. However, links will most likely be dead. You can then export anything you save to regular image formats. There is even a scheduler that can tackle capturing processes at given times.

José Fernández
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  • Offline browser
  • Many capture options


  • The two-pane design isn't the best for browsing full-screen size captures
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